We get a lot of questions about how to mix Endurance Fuel and Rebuild! The good news is it’s much more simple than you probably think…

Endurance Fuel: How to Mix for During Exercise

Endurance Fuel contains all of the calories, carbohydrates and electrolytes you need to replace what your body sweats out during exercise. It truly is “All you need, all day. Really.”

For the best results, we recommend consuming 200 calories of Endurance Fuel (2 scoops or 1 stick pack) per hour of exercise mixed with 24 oz (about 700 mL) of water. For example, if you anticipate your activity will take 4 hours, you would want to consume 800 calories (8 scoops or 4 stick packs) mixed with 96 oz of water over the course of your exercise.

Start sipping about 30 minutes into your workout for exercise over an hour long. If your workout is under an hour, you should be fine with just water!

How to Mix Endurance Fuel

Limited Carrying Capacity? Make a Concentrate!

For longer distances, when carrying capacity is limited, we recommend creating an Endurance Fuel concentrate. You will want to consume the same amount of calories per hour of exercise, but you can adjust the amount of water based on your carrying capacity.

If you anticipate your activity will take 4 hours, you would still want to consume 800 calories (8 scoops or 4 stick packs). Mix the powder and water (however much your vessel will hold) in a measuring cup for easier dissolving and then pour into your handheld flask, water bottle or hydration pack. You can add marks to your vessel so you know how much to consume per hour.

Sip the endurance fuel concentrate throughout your exercise and be sure to drink additional water to keep the ratio of water to fuel consistent.

Rebuild: How to Mix for After Exercise

Rebuild is the perfect post-exercise recovery nutrition. It’s healthy, tastes great and has proven results. We recommend drinking within the 30-60 minute golden hour after exercise to take advantage of your body’s ability to replenish glycogen stores most efficiently during this time period.

Mix one packet of Tailwind Rebuild with 16oz (about 500 mL) of water and consume within the first 30 minutes after exercise. For longer or more intense workouts, follow with a second serving of Rebuild in the next 30 minutes.

Nothing repairs your muscles more efficiently, restores your energy faster or makes you feel better sooner!


Listen to Your Body

Everyone’s bodies are different, so listen to yours and don’t be afraid to adjust your Endurance Fuel and Rebuild consumption to fit your needs.

If you’re feeling hungry with low energy during exercise, that’s a sign you need to increase your calories. If you’re hungry, but your energy levels feel good, you might just need to nibble on something.

We recommend practicing your fueling and recovery strategies in conjunction with training sessions to make sure your strategy is dialed in before race day.

Still Have Questions?

We’re always here to help, so shoot us an email at supportcrew@tailwindnutrition.com if you have questions and, as always, consult your physician for medical advice.

Hopefully our mixing recommendations will help you develop a strategy that works for you. Happy fueling and recovering!

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