How to Mix Endurance Fuel

When consuming Tailwind, our standard mixing recommendation is 200 calories of Endurance Fuel (2 scoops or 1 stick pack) per hour of exercise mixed with 24 oz of water.

For example, if you anticipate your activity will take 4 hours, you would want to consume 800 calories (8 scoops or 4 stick packs) mixed with 96 oz of over the course of your exercise.

How to Make a Concentrate

We know there are many times you simply can’t (or don’t want to) carry a lot of liquid: marathons, ultras, ironman races, etc. We get it!

For longer distances, when carrying capacity is limited, we recommend creating a gel-like Endurance Fuel concentrate. You will still want to consume 200 calories per hour of exercise (100 per half hour), but you can adjust the amount of water you mix with your Endurance Fuel based on your carrying capacity.

  1. First, calculate the total time of your event to find your total Tailwind needs.
  2. Then, mix your total Tailwind in a small bottle of choice with just enough water to make it viscous. 

Pro tip: If you’re having problems mixing, use a measuring cup so the powder is thoroughly dissolved and pouring is easier.

How to Make a Concentrate

For example, if you anticipate your event will take 4 hours, you would still want to consume 800 calories (8 scoops or 4 stick packs). 

Using a concentrate is also super simple:

  1. Mark your bottle according to your total race (or activity) time.
  2. After sipping your concentrate, drink plenty of plain water.
  3. As you drink your concentrate, aim to consume the appropriate ratio of water to Tailwind. We recommend 24 oz of water per every two scoops (or one stick pack) of Endurance Fuel.

How to Use a Concentrate

Drink Extra Water!

Did we mention to drink extra water?! Each 100 calories of Endurance Fuel requires 10-12oz of water for your body to process, so it is really important to drink extra water.

If you don’t drink enough water your body will suck water from your bloodstream and carry it to the GI system, accelerating dehydration and potentially causing stomach issues.

Don’t Overthink It

Endurance Fuel is super effective because the ratio of dextrose (glucose), sucrose, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium is designed to replace exactly what your body sweats out during endurance exercises. It truly is “All you need, all day. Really.”

If you’re struggling getting your nutrition dialed in, follow the advice above and try not to overthink it. As long as you’re supplementing with plenty of extra water, especially in warmer weather, your nutrition should stay on point!

Listen to Your Body

Everyone’s bodies are different, so listen to your body and don’t be afraid to adjust the amount of Endurance Fuel used depending on your calorie needs. If you’re feeling hungry with low energy, that’s a sign you need to increase your calories. If you’re hungry, but your energy levels feel good, you might just need to nibble on something.

We recommend practicing your fueling strategy during long training sessions to make sure your strategy is dialed in before race day!

Happy Fueling!

We’re always here to help, so shoot us an email at if you have questions and, as always, consult your physician for medical advice.

Hopefully our fueling tips will help you develop a strategy that works for you. Happy fueling!

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